What's the current status of gen3?

It’s been a while since I last posted (thank my spring teaching load), and am probably a bit out-of-date, but I was just wondering what the development status of the gen3 butler currently is?

Has it settled down enough to make it worth making a start on converting our obs package to gen3, or are there still major developments planned?

The obs package interface is looking fairly stable. We have interfaces for obs_subaru, obs_decam, and obs_lsst. obs_subaru is the easiest template to follow if you have one CCD per file. obs_decam is more complex because it has multiple CCDs per file. We have also standardized on how we handle defects and other small “curated” calibrations. They now get stored in a _data package such as obs_subaru_data or obs_lsst_data.

That’s really useful - thanks. It’ll be a nice summer project for me to work on! There’s lots of features in gen3 that I think will be really useful for our project, so I’m looking forward to getting it working with our data.

Look in the _instrument.py files. You also need to write a astro_metadata_translator plugin to understand your raw metadata.

Thanks - that’s really helpful. In cases such as obs_subaru etc, are the master branches the best ones to refer to?

Yes, master is fine.

ok. Thanks again.