When sharing a EUPS_DIR with others, what's the polite way to declare packages?

I’m sharing a EUPS stack with other developers, and I want to declare a package for my own use. I don’t expect to have to share it with others, so I’d rather not have it pollute their “eups list” outputs. Is there a way to do this?

I assume you mean EUPS_PATH — EUPS_DIR is the directory where eups lives.

If you declare it with a tag it’ll be private (although they can use your tags if they explicitly ask for them). Or you can have your own directory first on EUPS_PATH (it’s : separated)


eups declare -t jsick -r ~/myEups/afw


eups declare -r ~/myEups/afw

(untested, but should be close). Note that tag “jsick” is magic – you can use your username as a tag without declaring it. So I’d have used rhl