Where I can find the lsst_distrib dependency tree?

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(Michael Wood-Vasey) #1

Could someone kindly remind me where I can find the current dependency tree for all the Python modules required for lsst_apps or lsst_distrib?

The self-install requirements are


But I want the fully resolved version of that list.

(Tim Jenness) #2

Do you mean the conda prereqs?

They are defined in https://github.com/lsst/lsstsw/tree/master/etc and moving to https://github.com/lsst/scipipe_conda_env

(Michael Wood-Vasey) #3

Thank you. I mostly confused because the https://pipelines.lsst.io/install/prereqs/index.html#python-dependencies pointed to a particular commit of the dependency list instead of master and so was out of date.

I’ve submitted a PR to update the links in the pipelines.lsst.io documentation.

(Tim Jenness) #4

Historically, the intent has been that the web site points to what you need for the most recent formal release. This can be out of sync with the current version requirements.