Why is the numexpr python module not nomkl like numpy & scipy?

I have DM v13_0 installed, where I allowed the installation process to install miniconda and all required python modules. This includes nomkl versions of scipy and numpy, and this version of numexpr:
numexpr 2.6.0 np111py27_0
I was looking to install an additional module (basemap) and I find that conda desires to introduce a nomkl version of numexpr. Is there a reason we are not already using a nomkl version of numexpr? Should I steer clear of this upgrade? I can pin numexpr to 2.6.0 but conda still looks to upgrade to the nomkl version of numexpr.

    The following packages will be UPDATED:

        conda:        4.2.13-py27_0     --> 4.3.17-py27_0          
        numexpr:      2.6.0-np111py27_0 --> 2.6.2-np111py27_nomkl_0 [nomkl]