Changes in building Science Pipelines using lsstsw

Dear all,

as already anticipated in last week’s discussions due to the Jenkins build problems, we are going to introduce a few changes when building the Science Pipelines using lsstsw, documented in DM-23098.

  • the Conda environment name will include the environmnt’s SHA-1 from the scipipe_conda_env repository.
  • the scripts bin/ and bin/setup.csh may be easily confused with the eups setup command, therefore they have been deprecated. Use bin/envconfig and bin/envconfig.csh instead.

After the environment update planned today, see DM-22817, the environment name will be lsst-scipipe-e5ff8c5.

Please note that DM-23098 has been merged. Also note that the new environment SHA-1 is 984c9f7, so the current environment name is lsst-scipipe-984c9f7.

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