Creating a new sub-category for the Fink broker


Similarly to the sub-category Support > Lasair, would it be possible to have a sub-category for the Fink broker ? (Support > Fink)

Thank you!

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Absolutely, thanks Julien. I’ll set that up, and I’ll report back when it’s ready for you.

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Hi @JulienPeloton,

A new Rubin Community Forum category named “Support - Fink” now exists, and you’ve been made a moderator in the Rubin Community Forum. Thanks so much for using the Forum for Fink user support.

At your earliest convenience, could you review the “About the Fink category” topic post for me? Let me know if anything should be changed. I’ve listed you as the primary contact person for this new category.

As the primary contact person, please try to provide at least an initial response (e.g., an acknowledgement, if a quick answer is not possible) for all new topics in the “Support - Fink” category within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) and to maintain a 100% solved rate by marking solutions. It will help if you are “watching” the Fink category. This is the same approach that the Rubin Community Science team takes to all new topics in the “Support” category, in order to provide a consistent and reliable user experience.

Note that moderator status has been granted to your Forum account so that you can mark solutions in the “Support - Fink” category. This status also grants the power to process posts that have been flagged (e.g., spam, code of conduct violations). The Forum might send you notifications about flagged posts but please ignore them, you’re not expected to deal with any of that! Leave it for Rubin staff.

Please feel free to post questions about Forum use in the Meta category, or send me a private message at any time. Happy to help support Fink’s use of the Forum!

Perfect, thank you @MelissaGraham !

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