DM Highlights 2016-03-30 to 2016-04-05


  • Qserv March monthly release: 2016_03
  • LSST science pipelines weekly: w_2016_15

These tags can be used with eups distrib install to get the most recent versions. In particular, w_2016_15 is required to build the stack using the most recent XCode release (the version which includes clang v7.3.0) on Mac OS X (see DM-5590 for details).


  • @davidciardi and @gpdf visited @ivezic and @mjuric at UW, discussing the vision and plan for SUI/T. The results of the discussion and extra work carried out by @davidciardi, @gpdf, and @xiuqin are a revised SUI/T vision document and a plan up to commissioning. The document will be circulated after approval from @ivezic and @mjuric.
  • SUI/T has been working on conversion of Java/GWT based code to React/Redux pure JavaScript. We can now display the image, table, and 2D plot using the new code base.
  • A prototype ADQL parser in Python has been built, based on a port of the Presto SQL parser. This is intended for eventual use for TAP/ADQL support in dbserv. (DM-5318)
  • Star selectors now return stars instead of PSF candidates. (DM-5532 also community)
  • A new file format for indexing astrometry catalogs has been developed to replace that used by (DM-1579)
  • The SimpleShape measurement algorithm has been ported from HSC. (DM-5284)
  • pipe_tasks has been synchronized with the HSC fork. (DM-5288)


RFC Activity

  • RFC-168: IMPLEMENTED Add python package lmfit.
  • RFC-167: IMPLEMENTED Temporarily add esutil to the stack.
  • RFC-160: IMPLEMENTED Revise naming scheme for coadd images. See this Community post for more details.
  • RFC-154: IMPLEMENTED Change star selectors to return stars instead of PSF candidates. See this Community post for more details.
  • RFC-128: IMPLEMENTED Add scipy as a stack dependency.

Other Items

  • A proxy/czar threading problem has been found and fixed in Qserv. With this fix, the high-volume query scripts are working again on the IN2P3 test cluster. This unblocks verification of the new memory-managed shared-scan code. (DM-5307)
  • A long-standing service timeout bug has been fixed in Qserv. This unblocks XSWAP profiling work on the IN2P3 test cluster. (DM-5594)
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