DM Highlights 2016-07-13 to 2016-07-19

Work continues on the LDM-151 update and preparation of talks for the Director’s Review.



RFC Activity

  • RFC-201: FLAGGED LDM-PMT needs TCT approval.
  • RFC-200: IMPLEMENTED Make TAN_PIXELS cameraGeom coordinate be with respect to the center of the focal plane.
  • RFC-198: ADOPTED Cleanup and unify star selector call signatures.
  • RFC-184: IMPLEMENTED Proposed changes to Butler (and its API) for multiple repository support.

Other Items

  • There has been some testing of Bright-Fatter correction in single-frame processing of HSC data. (DM-6830)
  • Some tests of NGMIX have completed. (DM-6893, DM-6300)
  • Improvements to pybind11. (DM-6783)
  • The reference object loader code has been moved from pipe_tasks to meas_algorithms. (DM-6651)