DM Highlights 2016-08-03 to 2016-08-09

Preparations continue for the NSF/DOE Joint Status Review next week.


  • Work on migrating the stack to support Python 2 and 3 continues. A hack seesion will be held at the LSST 2016 meeting on the afternoon of Tuesday 16th August. The following packages can now be used on both Python versions: base, ndarray, pex_exceptions, pex_policy, pex_logging, pex_config, daf_base, utils, daf_persistence, log, ctrl_events. (DM-6179)
  • A discussion on the C++ wrapping of the AST library has been started.
  • An integration test for jointcal using CFHT data has been released. (DM-6623)


RFC Activity

  • RFC-211: PROPOSED Design for new WCS and XYTransform.
  • RFC-210: FLAGGED Cost updates to Site Specific Infrastructure Estimation (LDM-144) and Explanation (LDM-143).
  • RFC-55: IMPLEMENTED Retire lsst_libs EUPS metapackage.
  • RFC-53: IMPLEMENTED RFD and design discussion time slot.

Other Items

  • All afw dependencies have now been wrapped by pybind11. (DM-6304)
  • The xrootd package has been updated. (DM-7030)