DM Highlights Week of 2015-11-04 to 2015-11-10

(This is the first of what is planned to be a series of weekly postings giving highlights of what has been happening in DM. Feel free to ask for clarifications in this topic. If that proves to be insufficient, we can think about including direct contacts for each item, but I’d prefer not to.)


Other items:

  • Added Confluence page for people to record design refinement needs; some discussion also occurring on community
  • Ensured all internal state is removed when a Qserv database is dropped
  • Allowed Qserv to handle “SELECT @@” queries for system settings
  • Fixed problems in pipe_tasks examples
  • assertXNearlyEqual methods for image classes added to test framework
  • Posted draft agenda for DMLT meeting

Continuing work:

  • Progress on user-level documentation for Nebula OpenStack cluster
  • Progress on identity management design including an initial draft recommendation
  • Progress on hardware purchasing
  • Progress on L1 and L2 detailed design and planning
  • Butler now supports in-repository configuration for future support of dynamic dataset types; DO NOT USE