Installing LSST stack binaries with conda (screencast)

Note: as of mid 2017, the information presented in this thread is out of date. Refer to for current information on installing the LSST stack.
@swinbank, 2017-06-09

Hi everyone,

I did a short talk this morning for the DESC simulations group (thanks to Chris Walter for the invitation!), on getting the LSST stack binaries using the unofficial conda packages. This is one of the few contributed methods to install the LSST stack (the others I know of being Fabio’s CernVMFS systems, and AndyC’s docker containers).

The screencast has been uploaded to:

and it covers basics of Anaconda/Miniconda/Conda, setting up the LSST conda channel, installing the LSST stack binaries with the conda package manager, and running a MAF notebook with the installed stack.

For short instructions on using getting conda-packaged binaries for LSST, look at

Hope you find it useful (and feel free to report bugs/ask questions here)!

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Nice! I just skimmed your gist, and that looks handy. Still requires an eups setup, but we can’t have everything.

The embedded video on this page spins forever when I try to play it, but plays fine from youtube. Is that a general issue with discourse?

I just tried and it did spin forever but when I adjusted the play back position that seemed to kick it and now it’s working for me.

I just tried with my firefox browser and it started on its own, without much spinning…

Can we either mark this video as obsolete or remove the post? The conda channels are out of date and this is confusing people who have tried to follow these instructions.

Also – please note that SQUaRE is NOT planning on producing any future conda releases of the LSST stack, so the current release of sims (v13.0 + sims 2.3.5) is likely the last version that will be available.


Good idea. I’ve tweaked Mario’s post to this effect.