DM Stack now works on Mac OS X El Capitan

As noted previously the Summer 2015 release did not build or run on the new Mac OS X El Capitan that was released at around the same time.

Work on fixing this is complete and users can now install the w_2015_47 weekly tag:

eups distrib install -t w_2015_47 lsst_apps

lsstsw users can pick up current master.

Details of the underlying issues with El Capitan and the required fixes can be found in the DM TechNote DMTN-001.

There is one known issue related to installing a fresh lsstsw system on El Capitan relating to the removal of OpenSSL: DM-4359.

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Just want to say thanks for doing this, Tim - I hit the big green app store “update” button before remembering that I’d heard mention of problems with the stack on El Capitan… Anaconda is downloading now, hopefully I’ll be all set in no time. Or at least, an amount of time commensurate with my expectations :slight_smile:

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