Eups distrub install error

Hi folks! I’ve been trying to run “eups distrib install lsst_distrib -t w_2017_25 -vvv” using Anaconda 3.6 on a Mac laptop. I’ve been using this page as a guide, EUPS distrib "tarball" binary packages. I keep getting an error at build 55 out of 101, for some reason the test keeps failing and I can’t figure out why or find any sources that could be helpful. I’ve uploaded a picture of the error.

If anyone has any ideas how to solve this I would be super greatful. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I think this is the standard problem with anaconda libiconv (see Failure of pipelines install on OS X 10.13.1). You have to uninstall the anaconda libiconv and let it use the system one instead.

This is a general problem we have with the stack interacting with anaconda libraries.

As an aside, is there a reason why you are using such an old build? We don’t have binaries for something that old.

+1 for using a newer build. The most recent weekly is w_2018_2.