Failed RSP Login via CILogon

I followed the steps 1-4 from the account set-up instructions here:

On step 5, I get to the “Self Signup with Approval” page with a botton to “Start”. After pressing this button, I get the following error message:

The identifier "" is not registered. If your request for enrollment is still being processed, you will not be able to login until it is approved. Please contact an administrator for assistance.

I believe that my request for enrollment was already approved. I know that I am on the data rights holder list as a JA. Am I being dense or is this a bug?

Hi Connor,

Thanks for this message. It looks to me like this is an open issue that has been reported as of a few days ago:

Thanks for reporting this.


Just adding that my student and I have both encountered the same error in the last two days. (Using GitHub as the authenticator since we are at a small school).

Please keep us up to date on a fix if it becomes available.

Jennifer Cash
Deidre Gilliard

@drjenncash and @cbottrell , the message is that the authentication provider has now fixed this - please try again and let us know?

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Hi All,

I can confirm that the issue appears to be resolved.


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The issue seems to be resolved for me. I will check with my student and report if there are any issues for her.

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