Failing constructSky in lsstSim because of sky correction defaults?

Hi, following some discussion in DC2 land I am trying to see how to run this on lsstSim. I am failing with constructSky probably because I do not have the expected input : is it looking at specific input from the calib directory? It also seems to be looking for a ‘sky’ catalogue in the data folder? I managed to write a dummy config file with xSize and ySize specified, but I am blocking over

keyDict = self.mappings[datasetType].keys()
KeyError: 'sky'

any help to jumpstart me appreciated.

Would you mind moving this to a new topic, so things don’t get confused?

yes thanks for doing it, I am not familiar enough with this system…

Hi @johannct and @price, I’ve split this topic from the original post for you. Everything’s set now.

KeyError: 'sky' in sounds like (but lacking a full backtrace I can’t be sure) you’re lacking a sky dataset in your Mapper. You might want to check out the definitions in the HscMapper and do something similar.

ok thanks, I can try to copy the structure over to obs_lsstSim, but how about the calibration templates have their own incarnation for obs_lsstSim, and that we need simulated calibration products.