How to advertise in the Forum

The “Science - Announcements” subcategory welcomes all Rubin-related advertisements from members of the Rubin community that invite other members to, e.g., participate in an event, make use of a tool or data set, apply for a position, and so on.

Events and communications should promote research inclusion and abide by the Rubin Code of Conduct. Any posts that are not related to Rubin Observatory or its LSST, or are off-topic or inappropriate, will be flagged and moderated.

To advertise, create a new Topic in the “Science - Announcements” subcategory.

Tips to effective advertising.

Include a date and time in the Topic title.

  • events should have the date and time, including the year, in the title
  • releases should have the release date and version in the title
  • opportunities should have an application deadline in the title

Create a new Topic for every new announcement.

  • creating a new Topic will prompt notifications for category watchers
  • altering or updating an existing Topic will not prompt notifications
  • a new Topic provides a new thread for others to post comments and questions

Safeguard against Zoom-bombing.

  • do not post Zoom room links in the body of the Topic
  • consider using a Google form with an automatic email reply that contains the link

Follow-up posts (meeting notes, recordings, etc.) are encouraged, and can also go in the Announcements category. Reply in the thread of the original Topic, or start a new Topic, and include meeting notes or links to recordings in the body of the Topic.

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