How to cite LSST throughputs repo

I would like to know what type of citation to use for the GitHub - lsst/throughputs: LSST Simulations repository for baseline evaluation information repo. Is there a particular paper that can be referenced?

Many thanks in advance.

The (mostly) full citation information for LSST simulations outputs can be pulled out of here:

For the throughputs, I guess you’d want to site the “top level” simulations work (Connolly et al 2014) but I think there must be camera (Kahn et al 2010) or system engineering (Claver et al 2014) citations to refer to as well, which seem like they might be out of date from the list there. I’ve asked about that.

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Steve Ritz helpfully suggested:
Separate the references to the repository from the references to the observatory components, and for the components just refer to the LSST Overview paper ([0805.2366] LSST: from Science Drivers to Reference Design and Anticipated Data Products)
For the repository, maybe just an URL (which should probably be tied to the version information).
Which made me wonder: what’s the context for the reference? I know you’re working on some other aspects that include other parts of the simulations framework, so perhaps it would work to wrap them up together in a general citation to the simulations framework and then say the throughputs came from a similar source (with the URL / version).

Steve also asked me to make sure it was clear that these throughputs are not yet “as-built” and so there are definitely updates expected to be coming in the future.

My sincere thanks for coming back to me on this.
This paper is on the Euclid Science Ground Segment Simulation Framework applied in the context of the latest Scientific Challenge 8 (SC8), which took place last year.
In addition to simulating the Euclid and LSST instruments, there’s also simulations for DECam, HSC, MegaCam, JPCam, and Pan-Starrs.
Unfortunately, the current organisation of the paper prevents wrapping references together. For example, there is a specific section on “Background and Transmission” and another dedicated section on “Survey files” i.e. the survey simulations for all surveys.
BTW from the README in the git repo, it’s clear the throughputs are not yet “as-built”. We’re currently using tag 1.4
For the components, I can refer to the LSST overview paper, but it doesn’t give all the necessary info in terms of raft size, etc, to build accurately the focal plane layout for LSSTCam. I would like to reference LCA-13381 if possible. I found a reference here: LSE-349/local.bib at main · lsst/LSE-349 · GitHub

Please use the ApJ reference and not the old arXiv one.