Initial implementation of drp_pipe and pipeline move imminent

DM-30891, the first (big) step towards implementing RFC-775, has passed its first Jenkins run and is now in review.

This moves all DRP pipelines from pipe_tasks and various obs_* packages to a new drp_pipe package, and hence it’ll produce rather dramatic git conflicts with any other changes to those pipelines since I branched. I’ve got a pretty good workflow and tooling ready for incorporating and checking any changes on my branches, so if anyone has any such branches outstanding right now, please let me know - I’d be happy to hold off on merging (at least for a bit) in order to rebase on your changes rather than make you rebase on mine.

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I’ve gotten back Lee’s review of the related [DM-28862] Make Gen3 transform Source Table tasks work on all cameras - Jira, which touches many of the same packages. I don’t think we’ll actually collide in rebasing. I hope to merge it today, if that works for you?

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It wasn’t quite as imminent as I thought at the time, but this is now done: Drp_pipe added to lsst_distrib