Installing stack and maf on El Capitan "Unable to find an acceptable version of <package>"

Using and installing miniconda I keep running into

"Unable to find an acceptable version of "

I am reinstalling the stack since my installation is old (and performing a new installation would put me in a better place to help members of my SC that are new at this). Nonetheless, I think I removed all old packages and env vars that I had installed previously and I reinstalled from scratch using
I am working on an empty dir and there are no LSST env variables lying around that I can tell.

sequence of commands:
curl -OL
source loadLSST.bash
setup sims_maf -t sims

Unable to find an acceptable version of sims"

thank you for your help

At what point in the process do you get the Unable to find an acceptable veresion of <package> error? When you run eups distrib install <package> or when you run setup <package>?

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Running source loadLSST.bash sets up an LSST-friendly environment, but doesn’t actually install anything. You need to run eups distrib install sims_maf -t sims to actually install MAF on your computer. Then setup sims_maf -t sims ought to work.

Note: installing MAF takes between 1 and 2 hours on a MacBook.

So the sequence should be:

curl -OL
source loadLSST.bash
eups distrib install sims_maf -t sims
setup sims_maf -t sims

(note: I do not think you should be running with source. That has always gone poorly for me)

sorry, edited: i did have that command in the sequence.

eups distrib install sims_maf -t sims

I will try again without running with source - I will be off for a few hours though so I’ll report back tonight

If you still get the error, one thing to try would be

eups list sims_maf

This will print to the screen a list of all of the versions of MAF that EUPS knows about.

ok, which version should I have? ( I was trying to parse the eups files to figure it out but it wasnt immediately obvious)

I would expect the output from eups list sims_maf to include a line like this

   2.3.5.sims+2 	sims sims_2_3_5_1

If you are still getting the error you reported, I would just be interested to see what eups list sims_maf produces, since the error you reported is consistent with not having MAF installed at all.

I am not sure how versioning information on is stored. I would not expect an out of date to produce the bug you reported (I am working with a that is at least a year old, and everything runs fine).

Unable to find an acceptable version of <package> means that no version is current. Does eups list <package> show any versions? If so, try setup <package> <version> and if that works you can make it the default (“current”) with eups declare --current <package> <versions> after which setup <package> will work.

We try to avoid needing current for the sims stack. That is why we append the -t sims tag to every release we make, so that users can do setup lsst_sims -t sims.

A user may well chose to set “current” locally. However, what I was explaining what the error about “acceptable versions” meant.

@RHL Right - “no acceptable versions” shows up if BOTH no version is set as current AND you do not use a tag to set up the package. Because sims uses a different DM release than is usually marked as “current” for DM, we do not automatically mark a version current (and we don’t direct our users to either, because it’s easier to just tell them to use “-t sims” to set up each package).

-T current is exactly equivalent to just accepting the default. You should really be using -T sims not -t sims to get the equivalent functionality.