Invitation for DP0 Delegates to Participate in the LSST Science Collaborations “New Friends” Program

Attention all Data Preview 0 (DP0) delegates, especially those of you who are new to working with Rubin Observatory and the LSST (or returning after a hiatus), or who have not yet (or only just recently) joined an LSST Science Collaboration, or are looking to get more involved.

The LSST Science Collaborations invite you to participate in their “DP0 New Friends Program”.

Motivation: DP0 has attracted many scientists and students who are new to working with Rubin Observatory, the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), and/or the LSST Science Collaborations. It can be challenging for new people to figure out how to participate in the Science Collaborations (SCs) and how the SCs interact with Rubin Observatory. The SCs have many experienced members who want to share what they know with newcomers, to welcome and support them as they get started on their path to Rubin science – especially now during this opportunity provided by DP0.

Science Collaboration Representatives (“SC Reps”) are volunteering to serve as a friendly and informal point of contact for new-to-Rubin DP0 delegates. They will be available to help answer any questions related to the SCs, and will also ensure that their new friend knows how to find information about their SC (e.g., meeting times, committees, documentation) that is relevant to their interests.

How do I get involved? If you are a DP0 delegate interested in being partnered up with an SC Rep, or if you are an SC member who is interested in serving as an SC Rep, please use this form to indicate your interest:

The Rubin Community Engagement Team (CET) is helping to facilitate this program by reaching out to all DP0 delegates to inform them of this program and helping to match delegates with SC Reps. The CET will also organize a few “networking sessions” for all new friends. The first “SC New Friends Meet-and-Greet” will be during a breakout session of the DP0 Delegate Assembly on Friday July 30, starting at 10am US Pacific time (i.e., in the second hour of the assembly).

How does this program work? The CET will collect and manage the lists of people who are interested in participating, and then reach out to the DP0 delegates who expressed interest with the name and contact info of a potential “SC Rep” that seems well-suited to them. Once matched, the SC Reps will ask their new friends to describe their science interests and experience so that they can get a sense of which SC meetings and activities would be relevant to them. Discussions between new friends can take place via, e.g., direct messaging, email, Zoom meetings – whatever works best.

Questions? Please send a direct message* to Melissa Graham or Federica Bianco.

*To send a direct message in the Community Forum

Click on your profile picture at upper right, then click on the envelope emoji twice to navigate to your Community Forum inbox. From there, use the “New Message” button to start a new message to Melissa Graham.