Summary: Delegate Assembly, Fri Jul 30

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For the second DP0 Delegate Assembly on Fri Jul 30, Leanne Guy provided a hands-on tutorial covering intermediate-level TAP queries in the Notebook and Portal Aspects of the Rubin Science Platform (RSP). The tutorial mainly focused on the notebook “02_Intermediate_TAP_Query.ipynb”. A recording of this tutorial will be posted below.

DP0 delegates interested in learning additional TAP skills can work through this advanced demo for Portal TAP queries with ADQL.

Breakout Discussion Rooms:

When’s the next Assembly? There will be no DP0 Delegate Assembly on Fri Aug 13 (instead, enjoy the Rubin 2021 Project and Community Workshop!). The next DP0 Delegate Assembly will be on Fri Aug 27, and will focus on image retrieval, display, and manipulation. In the meantime, remember that all DP0 delegates are welcome to come to the “Third Thursday” drop-in sessions and Stack Club sessions in order to receive live support with their DP0 activities. Find the full schedule for all of these events on the DP0 Delegates Homepage.

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