Invitation to Join: DP0 Delegate Assemblies

Full schedule for the Delegate Assemblies.
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The Delegate Assemblies are a live virtual seminar series for Data Preview 0 (DP0) participants (DP0 Delegates) to learn more about DP0, the Rubin Science Platform, the LSST Science Pipelines, and the DP0 data set.

Biweekly on Fridays from 9am to 11am US Pacific (4pm to 6pm UTC).
9am: A hands-on tutorial to demonstrate use of the RSP analysis tools and LSST software.
10am: Breakout discussions for Q&A, live help, co-working sessions, topical discussions, etc.

The first hour will always be a pre-arranged topic and speaker. Topics for the second hour can be pre-planned (see below), or suggested on-the-fly. We will always spend about 5 minutes at 10am setting up the breakout rooms. The schedule (see link at top) will be updated to reflect any pre-planned breakout topics.

Although content will be most relevant to DP0 Delegates with RSP access, these sessions are open to everyone. Everyone is welcome to attend for one or both hours. The first hour will be recorded.

Can I contribute a tutorial or run a breakout session?
Yes please! Contributed tutorials and hands-on demonstrations provided by delegates or Rubin staff during the first hour are very welcome. Anyone who would like to have a breakout room for topical discussions, co-working groups, or hack sessions during the second hour is also very welcome, whether it be a one-time thing or a regular occurrence. Please contact @MelissaGraham with any inquiries or suggestions.

Reminder to all delegates – tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 27) at 9am PDT (4pm UTC) is the next DP0 Delegate Assembly. We will have a tutorial for the first hour demonstrating image display and manipulation, followed by breakout sessions in the second hour. Your suggestions are welcome for breakout room topics!

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Hello. Are there recordings for this and the September 10th delegate assemblies (at least the tutorial parts). Thanks!

Hi @nsevilla, so far only the first two recordings are posted (July 16 and 30), but the next two (Aug 27 and Sep 10) are coming soon. My apologies for the delay!