Summary: Delegate Assembly, Fri Jul 16

About ~80 participants came together for hands-on demos of the Rubin Science Platform followed by breakout discussions during our first Delegate Assembly. Thanks to everyone who participated!

We reviewed the Beginner TAP Tutorial for the Portal Aspect, and “01_Intro_to_DP0_Notebooks.ipynb” for the Notebook Aspect (find it in your notebooks/tutorial-notebooks/ directory).

Questions about the DP0 data set were raised, and often we found the answers in the DP0.1 Data Products Definitions Document.

Breakout discussion rooms included general Q&A, portal query Q&A, python learners, and two DP0 science topics: making lightcurves, and large scale structure science.

The lightcurves breakout (see this summary post) was hugely popular, which was great to see because generating lightcurves from the DP0 source catalogs is a challenge that will benefit from many interested people working together. As it seems very likely that a lightcurves-related breakout session will be desired again in the next Assembly (Jul 30), the Rubin CET will prepare a little “intro to DP0 time domain data” for it.

A side note about today's technical delays.

The RSP responsively scales up the number of available servers as they are requested. However, as we saw today, this caused some delays when ~80 people attempted to log into the RSP Notebook Aspect all at once. For future Delegate Assemblies, the Rubin RSP Team will make a bunch of additional nodes available in advance so that these delays are not experienced.

Today’s agenda:

Is there a recording of the 1st delegate assembly available?

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Recording of the first hour of Delegate Assembly 1.