RSP / updates - 2021-07-30

Bug Fixes

  • A portal user reported that when sorting query results by clicking on the column heading, numerical columns produced by mathematical operations were incorrectly sorted as strings. We have significantly improved this behaviour, and sorting now generally behaves as one would expect


  • We have increased our capacity to accomodate typical usage during Delegate Assemblies. Capacity is always automatically added to accommodate additional users, but this takes some time and can cause user-visible delays and timeouts while it is happening.

Known issues

  • Some notebook users are reporting that their tutorial notebooks are not automatically updating to the latest version. We are investigating.

  • It is possible, by installing your own packages that modify your python environment, to create a situation in which your notebook server cannot start. We are investigating whether some recent changes have made this more likely to happen and will post instructions on how to work around this if this happens to you.

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Also from a question that arose in another forum:

Dask is on our technical roadmap and is in internal testing, but it is not currently offered as part of DP0.1.