Is the pipeline Dockerfile available?


I’m looking at the Docker images available here,
Docker Hub

but since I want to use LSST software along with other software, I want to add LSST to my existing Docker image, not start from scratch.

I tried building from a Debian-based Docker image, and the script reports an error:

prefix: /opt/conda/envs/lsst-scipipe-0.6.0
./ line 265: /etc/redhat-release: No such file or directory
Configured EUPS_PKGROOT: Index of /stack/src
Creating startup scripts (bash) … done.

It does seem to finish installing, but at the end it prints:

and feel free to ask any questions via the LSST Community forum:
– The LSST Software Teams

and just stalls – that step of my Docker build never completes.

I’m just doing

RUN curl -OL
RUN chmod 755
RUN ./ -b -t -P /opt/conda

Any tips would be welcome!

Sounds like you are looking for a combination of docker-scipipe/Dockerfile at master · lsst-dm/docker-scipipe · GitHub, docker-newinstall/Dockerfile at master · lsst-sqre/docker-newinstall · GitHub (with BASE_IMAGE overridden to refer to the output of the previous), and docker-tarballs/Dockerfile at master · lsst-sqre/docker-tarballs · GitHub.

The error about redhat-release should not matter. I will remove that in the future.

I’m not sure why your last RUN step is not terminating. The script should just exit (fall off the end) after printing the welcome message.

Thanks, K-T!

Weirdly, when I went to “docker build” again, it acted as though it did finish – it said “using cache” and continued to the next line of my Dockerfile. So I don’t know what was going on there; maybe operator error!

All the subdirectories in Index of /stack/src are 404 !

Also, is it possible to install a smaller subset of packages, like say I only need to be able to read afwImage.Exposure(‘filename.fits’), is there a way I can get just afw and its dependencies? eg something smaller than “lsst_distrib” in
eups distrib install -t v22_0_0 lsst_distrib

This is because the bucket-to-Web-site translator is very picky about trailing slashes. I think you will find it all works if you go to instead.

You can definitely do eups distrib install -t v22_0_1 afw. (Note that v22.0.1 is slightly preferred; it has fixes for macOS but should be identical to v22.0.0 for Linux, as you’re using.)

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Here is a Dockerfile that builds LSST 18.1.0 (actually, just up to pipe_drivers) using a script. LSST 18 is rather old these days (22.0.1 was just recently released), but I mention it since you might be able to upgrade it quickly.

That makes exploring it in the browser very tedious!

Thank you very much, Paul & K-T!

Is there an easy way to find out which products & tags exist?

Tags: (with trailing slash) or Tags · lsst/lsst_distrib · GitHub with “.” (for git) translated to “_” (for eups).
Products: first column of the desired tag file at the first link above.

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