Missing information for git lsf configuration


I followed the link https://developer.lsst.io/git/git-lfs.html for git lfs configuration on a machine where lfs is installed. I found out that the information in this link is not up to date. And so when I run the git clone to check if lfs is well configured, I receive a message asking for a passward to s3.amazonaws.com.
The solution for this is to add in the .gitconfig file the line:
[credential “https://s3.amazonaws.com”]
helper = store
and to add in the .git-credentials file the line:
I just want to mention this so you can try to let the pages updated. Thank you

This is a bit odd. I followed the instructions exactly as written and things work for me. I don’t get a password request for s3.amazonaws.com. Do you have any other git-lfs or AWS configuration that might be interfering?

Also, which versions of git and git-lfs are you using?

And finally, which repo are you cloning?

Ah I see. So maybe it is because of the old version that I am using. I work on a local machine where the DM version 2017-05-04 is installed.
The available lfs has this version:
git-lfs/1.5.5 (GitHub; linux amd64; go 1.7.4; git c2dcd6f5)
git version 2.2.2

Yes, please try upgrading your git-lfs client. As the document says, “The minimum usable client version for LSST is git-lfs […] 2.3.4.”

Yes indeed, I installed a new version of lfs (git-lfs/2.7.2) and so I did not need to change the information on the configuration page. Thank you