Move of afwdata - BREAKING CHANGE

If you build the stack with lsstsw, you need to follow the instructions below.


If you need to make changes to afwdata you need to follow the instructions below.

We have moved afwdata from the old gitolite server to Github using a gitLFS service we are running on the Nebula cluster. This is a step towards allowing developers/teams to host their own large binary repos.

Manual checkouts

For manual checkouts follow the instructions on the afwdata README:

lsstsw build environments

Your lsstsw environment will break because it uses the live repos.yaml file, which has been repointed. You need the following two steps

  1. Update your lsstsw repo
  2. Update your lsst_build repo
  3. Re-run the lsstsw bin/deploy script

If you are having problems with lsstsw and yet this line works:

git clone -c lfs.batch=false -c filter.lfs.require -c filter.lfs.smudge='git-lfs smudge %f' -c filter.lfs.clean='git-lfs clean %f' -c credential.helper='!f() { cat > /dev/null; echo username=; echo password=; }; f'

… it’s probably a sign that steps 1-3 weren’t done.

If you have any questions ask them here or in the SQuaRE chat room.

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I have updated Developing Software With The DM Stack accordingly.

If you are interested in the back-end architecture of DM’s git-lfs, we’ve prepared a technical note:

SQR-001: Git LFS Architecture Note

Is there a specific preference or recommendation for using https:// instead of SSH-based access?

lsstsw uses https-based access and github recommends https over ssh-based access, so I think https is preferred. You can use ssh if you like, but it’s a pain if you use lsstsw because you have to manually modify the repos.yaml file.

I’ve been using ssh, and it’s fine, I just have to change the repos.yaml, as Russell says.