New advanced command-line tutorial: custom coadd

We have now added a new command-line tutorial to the DP0.2 website:

02. Custom Coadds from the Command Line (advanced)

This new command-line tutorial shows one way of using Rubin/LSST command-line tools (particularly pipetask) within the RSP terminal to build the same custom coadd described in tutorial notebook 9a.

Please let me know of any suggestions/questions/feedback. Thanks!

In case it’s of interest, I’ve also recast this command line tutorial’s custom coadd processing as a single shell script that can be executed from the RSP terminal:

# make sure that you're in the directory from which you wish to run/launch your
# custom coadd processing

# set up the LSST pipelines environment
setup lsst_distrib

# make the custom coadd QuantumGraph visualization
pipetask build \
-p $DRP_PIPE_DIR/pipelines/LSSTCam-imSim/DRP-test-med-1.yaml#makeWarp,assembleCoadd \
--pipeline-dot; \
dot -Tpdf > makeWarpAssembleCoadd.pdf

# remove temporary file

# specify the directory for output log files

# make the directory for output log files
mkdir $LOGDIR

# run the custom coadd processing
LOGFILE=$LOGDIR/makeWarpAssembleCoadd-logfile.log; \
date | tee $LOGFILE; \
pipetask --long-log --log-file $LOGFILE run --register-dataset-types \
-b dp02 \
-i 2.2i/runs/DP0.2 \
-o u/$USER/custom_coadd_window1_cl00 \
-p $DRP_PIPE_DIR/pipelines/LSSTCam-imSim/DRP-test-med-1.yaml#makeWarp,assembleCoadd \
-c makeWarp:doApplyFinalizedPsf=False \
-c makeWarp:connections.visitSummary="visitSummary" \
-d "tract = 4431 AND patch = 17 AND visit in (919515,924057,924085,924086,929477,930353) AND skymap = 'DC2'"; \
date | tee -a $LOGFILE

An updated version of this command line tutorial which avoids POSIX-style interaction with the pipeline YAML definition is now available at the same DP0.2 website URL:

02. Custom Coadds from the Command Line (advanced)

In the GitHub repository for DP0.2 delegate contributions, I have now posted “solutions” to the command line optional exercises from this DP0.2 command line tutorial:

Just a quick note to say that we’ve made substantive updates to DP0.2 tutorial notebook 09b, so that it now uses PipelineTasks. We also updated DP0.2 command line tutorial 02 so that it now includes instructions to run source detection on the custom coadd from the command line using pipetask. Thanks…