New beginner command-line tutorial

There is now a section in the DP0.2 documentation for command-line tutorials. The first tutorial follows the same content as tutorial notebook 01, using an interactive python session. It is an introduction to DP0.2 including how to use the TAP service, the Butler, and the afwDisplay and Firefly image packages.

The tutorial can be found here: 01. Introduction to DP0.2 (beginner) — Vera C. Rubin Observatory Documentation for Data Preview 0.2

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


I’m sorry if I’m confused but I clicked on the tutorial link and it wasn’t using command-line tools. Why is it called a command-line tutorial?

Because it’s done from a terminal command line instead of a Jupyter Notebook. Should we be using different terminology for this tutorial type?

When it said command-line I thought it was a tutorial on using the command-line tooling like butler query-datasets and pipetask. Command-line means to me the shell, not an interactive python session.

I see. This is the first of more command-line based tutorials to come (which will include butler and pipetask examples). So for now, we will leave them under the simple heading of Command-Line Tutorials.

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