Question about installing v22_0_0 on CentOS 7

Hi all,

I’m installing the LSST Science Pipelines v22_0_0 on a Linux CentOS 7 machine using the steps on Install with and eups distrib — LSST Science Pipelines

At the step of bash -ct, I got

curl: (23) Failed writing body (1337 != 1371)
!!! This script differs from the official version on the distribution
server.  If this is not intentional, get the current version from here:

So I downloaded the file curl -OL

Then at this step
eups distrib install -t v22_0_0 lsst_distrib
I got

  [ 22/79 ]  utils 22.0.0+0de219a2bc ... 

***** error: from /home/shenming/software/lsst_stack_v22_0_0/stack/miniconda3-py38_4.9.2-0.7.0/EupsBuildDir/Linux64/utils-22.0.0+0de219a2bc/build.log:
tests/                      124     23     22      1    82%
tests/                         167      6      4      2    95%
tests/                      338      6     10      3    97%
TOTAL                                      1581    193    318     50    86%
Coverage HTML written to dir tests/.tests/pytest-utils.xml-htmlcov
Coverage XML written to file tests/.tests/pytest-utils.xml-cov-utils.xml

=========================== short test summary info ============================
FAILED tests/
================== 1 failed, 104 passed, 6 skipped in 16.64s ===================
Global pytest run: failed with 1
Failed test output:
Global pytest output is in /home/shenming/software/lsst_stack_v22_0_0/stack/miniconda3-py38_4.9.2-0.7.0/EupsBuildDir/Linux64/utils-22.0.0+0de219a2bc/utils-22.0.0+0de219a2bc/tests/.tests/pytest-utils.xml.failed
The following tests failed:
1 tests failed
scons: *** [checkTestStatus] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.
+ exit -4
eups distrib: Failed to build utils-22.0.0+0de219a2bc.eupspkg: Command:
	source "/home/shenming/software/lsst_stack_v22_0_0/conda/miniconda3-py38_4.9.2/envs/lsst-scipipe-0.7.0/eups/bin/"; export EUPS_PATH="/home/shenming/software/lsst_stack_v22_0_0/stack/miniconda3-py38_4.9.2-0.7.0"; (/home/shenming/software/lsst_stack_v22_0_0/stack/miniconda3-py38_4.9.2-0.7.0/EupsBuildDir/Linux64/utils-22.0.0+0de219a2bc/ >> /home/shenming/software/lsst_stack_v22_0_0/stack/miniconda3-py38_4.9.2-0.7.0/EupsBuildDir/Linux64/utils-22.0.0+0de219a2bc/build.log 2>&1 4>/home/shenming/software/lsst_stack_v22_0_0/stack/miniconda3-py38_4.9.2-0.7.0/EupsBuildDir/Linux64/utils-22.0.0+0de219a2bc/build.msg 
exited with code 252

Do you know how to solve this problem? Thank you.


First of all, you should install v22_0_1 rather than v22_0_0.

Second of all, to install older versions, you should use the that is tagged with that version (precisely because of the differences from the official version). So you should retrieve and ignore the warning.

I believe that should get you rubin-env 0.4.3, which should in turn allow you to build the stack successfully.

But you can also use your current (which is now from the main branch) by doing export LSST_SPLENV_REF=0.4.3 first.

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Hi K-T, thank you very much for your reply.
I tested both, and the step bash -ct seemed stopped here (the cursor was still rotating, but after long time there’s still no new output…)

Using conda at /home/shenming/data/lsst_stack_v22_0_1/conda/miniconda3-py38_4.9.2
Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): done
Solving environment: failed with repodata from current_repodata.json, will retry with next repodata source.
Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): done
Solving environment: - 

I tested installing v21_0_0 and v19_0_0 using similar methods, and they were successful.

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Hi all, I have also experienced hours and hours of solving environment lately. But the problem is intermittent. Is this something to do with conda and their changes:

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I can confirm Shenming’s issue on CentOS 7. Conda unsuccessfully attempted to solve packages for 24+ hours with v22, but the v21 install was immediate.

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Sorry about this. I’m working on a long-term fix that will replace, but I’ll see if I can come up with a short-term fix as well.

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Instead of using, please try the following in a new “stack” directory and with a fresh shell:

curl -LO
chmod u+x lsstinstall
./lsstinstall -T v22_0_1

This should create a new conda (mamba) environment named lsst-scipipe-0.4.3 along with a (or loadLSST.bash) script that can be used to activate it. It should take only a few minutes, not hours. Once activated, eups distrib install -t v22_0_1 {package} commands should work.

Note that lsstinstall is still in “alpha” testing and not yet official nor well-documented. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems.

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You mean this
Note that lsstinstall is still in “alpha” testing and not yet official nor well-documented. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems.
Does that mean there are some testing functions in this version pipeline or anything else ? Or just this is new way to install pipeline ?

lsstinstall is a new way of installing the pipeline in place of, but the pipeline version is still official and released.