Rubin DP0.2 Delegate Assembly, June 9: Greg Madejski / new RSP Portal Tutorials

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Our next Delegate Assembly is on on June 9, 2023 9:00 AM Pacific.

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All are welcome!

Speaker: Greg Madejski, Rubin CST / SLAC

Title: Two new Rubin Science Platform / Portal aspect tutorials: Object populations using histograms; Light curves with forced photometry

Abstract: The first of the two, Portal Tutorial 04, will illustrate how to explore astrophysical source populations with one- and two-dimensional histograms. The science case will be the retrieval of apparent magnitudes of a sample of extended objects around a rich galaxy cluster, and use such histograms to explore their apparent magnitude and color distributions, forming a “color-magnitude” diagrams. It is here.

The second one, Portal Tutorial 05, will illustrate how to make multi-band light curves of astrophysical sources. The science case will be using forced photometry to study the flux history before, during, and after a supernova explosion at a known location - and plotting such light curve with marker colors reflecting the observing band. It is here.

Breakout sessions for co-working and Q&A with Rubin staff will start at 10am, as usual.

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