Stack install issue


TL;DR not really an issue as have managed to install the stack on another machine but if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong on the other one I’d be grateful to hear, thanks

I’ve been trying to install verison 23 of the stack following

I’ve succeeded on one machine (Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS) but on another machine (Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)) it’s failing during

eups distrib install -t v23_0_0 lsst_distrib

at [ 80/83 ] faro 23.0.0+b8b37fdb39 when carrying out the tests
1 tests failed

self = <tests.test_ellipKPM.Te1Test testMethod=test_te1>

def test_te1(self):
    """Test calculation of TE1 on a known catalog."""
    config = TExTask.ConfigClass()
    # This is what makes it TE1
    config.minSep = 0.25
    config.maxSep = 1.0
    task = TExTask(config=config)
    for band in ('i',):
        catalog, expected = self.load_data(('TE1', band))
        result ='TE1', {'i': [CalibratedCatalog(catalog), ]})
        log.debug('result: ', result)
        log.debug('expected: ', expected)
      self.assertEqual(result.measurement, expected)

E AssertionError: Measu[22 chars]y 9.5584292e-05>, extras={‘radius’: <lsst.veri[160 chars]20>}) != Measu[22 chars]y 9.51763719e-05>)

tests/ AssertionError
=============================== warnings summary ===============================
:219: 32 warnings
:219: RuntimeWarning: numpy.ndarray size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility. Expected 80 from C header, got 88 from PyObject

Interesting. Can you attach the output of apt list so that we can check on versions of system libraries?

output attached, thanks

apt.lis.txt (2.4 MB)

The numbers in the assert are pretty close, so maybe just a precision thing?

This is a known problem that is being tracked in DM-31611.

cc/ @jeffcarlin


Thanks @timj . Is there an easy way to get past this failing step / ignore faro tests?

If you install binaries rather than from source the tests will not run. I thought that with the conda compilers our binaries are quite portable. It may require some hacking of the environment variable that points at the binary server.

ah ok thanks, the install notes suggests it should pick up binaries if available for you given platform. So I guess it’s not finding any. Wondered if there was a way of marking faro as done so it got skipped. Anyhow I’ve a working machine/version.

newinstall is very conservative about platforms. lsstinstall is more accommodating. But you can manually set EUPS_PKGROOT="|"

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Thanks that got me over the finish line