Summary, Delegate Assembly, Fri Nov 18

The first hour featured a hands-on delegate-led tutorial (see below, and recording) and the second hour had breakout sessions and general Q&A, as usual, including assistance for new delegates (not recorded).

Speaker: Vincenzo Petrecca (@Vincenzo)

Title: Getting lightcurves and cutouts of DIA sources: Supernovae.

Abstract: I will present a delegate contribution notebook available at delegate-contributions-dp02/dia_exploration, which shows how to select Supernovae (SNe) detected on difference images, and plot their light curves using both DiaSource and ForcedSource tables. It also shows how to inspect the results of Difference Image Analysis (DIA) by producing cutouts of the template (deep coadd), the direct image (calexp) and difference image (diffexp). Finally, it provides hints on how to execute the DIA on the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) with user-defined template images. The notebook was originally developed to analyze eventual biases in DIA (see e.g., lightcurve offset on difference images ) and is part of the general effort of the TVS DP0 task force.