Summary, Delegate Assembly, Fri Oct 14

Title: Exploring survey property maps and their impact on data
Presenter: Martín Rodríguez Monroy (@mrmonroy )

Abstract: In this presentation we will see some examples of survey property maps, maps that track spatial variations concerning the imaging of the survey. We will use healsparse to visualize and manipulate them. In addition to this, we will discuss how to evaluate the impact that different observing conditions can have on real data. In particular, we will see some examples of 1D relations, which are the basis of some systematic decontamination methods such as those performed for the DES-Y3 galaxy clustering analysis.

Notebook: Martín covered tutorial notebook 03c and the contents of the survey_property_maps folder in the delegate-contributions-dp02 repository of the rubin-dp0 GitHub Organization.

Start your RSP server with a large container to ensure this notebook runs smoothly, and follow along: