Summary, Delegate Assembly on Fri Jul 21 2023

During the Delegate Assembly on Fri Jul 21, Matt Wiesner (@mwiesner) described how he and his students (Arman Svoboda [@asvoboda] and Anna Khalid) [ @annakhalid ] have been adding simulated kilonovae to galaxies in the DP0.2 images. The kilonovae are point sources based on the Kasen et al. (2017) kilonova models. Anna created light curves based on the Kasen et al. models and Arman help Matt write notebooks that took the magnitudes drawn from Anna’s light curves and injected the simulated kilonovae into the images. Followup analysis provided information on which kilonovae may in principle be followed up by the Vera C. Rubin Observatory. A galaxy viewer notebook and a mosaic viewer notebook viewer that were created for this project can be found in the view_mosaic subdirectory of the delegate-contributions-dp02 repository on GitHub.

Unfortunately, there is no recording available for this session.

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