Summary, Delegate Assembly on Friday, June 9 2023

The Delegate Assembly on Friday June 9 featured Greg Madejski, a member of the Rubin Community Science Team, presenting two new Rubin Science Platform tutorials. Both covered the Portal aspect of RSP. The Portal Tutorial 4 highlighted the use of one- and two-dimensional histograms derived from Rubin data. It showcased a way to display a frequency of occurrence of objects characterized by two quantities, specifically their color and magnitude, thus generating a color-magnitude diagram of extended objects (here, applied to galaxies). The Portal Tutorial 5 illustrated the use of ADQL to extract a light curve at a location of a flaring object (a supernova) during all Rubin observations, regardless whether the object was or was not detected. This was done by using “Forced photometry” tables. The tutorial also illustrated a way to plot mult-band light curve of the object with data collected in various bands in different, band-specific marker colors.