Summary, Delegate Assembly on Friday September 1: RSP Portal tutorials 01 and 02 for the DP0.3

On Friday, September 1, Dr. Greg Madejski (SLAC and Rubin Community Science Team) presented two new Rubin Science Platform tutorials. Those introductory tutorials showcased four catalogs prepared for the Rubin Data Preview 03 which contains data for simulated Solar System objects. The first tutorial highlighted the content and the ways to access the data residing in MPCORB and SSObject catalogs. It also showed how to plot the distribution of the orbital parameters such as eccentricity, inclination, and magnitude - as well as how to generate color-color diagrams of objects residing in those catalogs. The second tutorial focused on the data in the SSSource and DiaSource tables. It illustrated how to extract data for a single, well-observed object, and how to plot its heliocentric and topocentric location on the sky as a function of time.

The recording of the presentation: