Summary, DP0 Delegate Assembly, Fri, Sep 15, 2023: Main Belt Asteroids in DP0.3

The DP0 delegate assembly held on Fri Sept 15 2023 (recording below) featured a tutorial by Jeff Carlin, who presented DP0.3 notebook 02: Properties of Main Belt Asteroids in DP0.3 . This notebook highlights some populations of asteroids in the DP0.3 dataset, and demonstrates how to work with the various tables and the quantities that they contain. This includes selecting families of asteroids based on their orbital properties, and plotting their orbits in the solar system. Following the presentation, groups of delegates went into breakout rooms to work collaboratively on science explorations with the DP0 dataset(s).

VIDEO: DP0.3 Kick-Off Info Session, Fri Aug 18 2023 (Intro to DP0.3)

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