Testing newly installed pipeline fails

After going through a build of lsstsw the test of the SDSS demo data fails with:

processCcd.calibrate INFO: Photometric zero-point: 28.010880
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./bin/export-results", line 78, in <module>
    v = srcs.get(col)
  File "/storage/Projects/Huntsman/lsstsw/stack/Linux64/afw/13.0-54-g20bf70869/python/lsst/afw/table/baseColumnView/baseColumnViewContinued.py", line 62, in __getitem__
    keyobj = self.schema.find(key).key
KeyError: "Field with name 'flags_negative' not found"

Issue sort of reported here as well. Since this is the validation step of a new install according to the docs would be nice to have working out of the box.

What version of demo are you using for your test? What tag did you use for your lsstsw build?

I’m at b2908 for the tag, which is whatever it pulled down yesterday. Not sure what you mean by which demo, I’m following here and tried both the regular and the small set.

I edited bin/export-results line 78 to skip the field if key was not found, which allows it to run to completion and generates a detected-sources_small.txt. I then get separate errors with the compare script, but I’ll report that elsewhere if it remains an issue.

Build numbers are local but if you didn’t specify a ref that means you built the current latest version of the stack. The link to the demo that you pointed to is specifically for v13.0 of the demo. If you want to run the demo relating to current master you need to use the master version of demo as well. Easiest way to do that is to clone the demo repo and run it from there.

It’s not clear to me where I would be specifying that ref. I’m doing the lsstsw install as outlined in the docs and just following the docs leads directly to this error.

I’ll try cloning the master repo of the demo and see if that works. Thanks!

Ok, thanks @timj that solved my problem with it running. I’ll open up other issues elsewhere.

I also submitted a PR for altering the docs that explains this as I am now able to find a couple of other topics where people have the same problem.

lsstsw rebuild supports a git ref being used. Normally we’d say rebuild -r tickets/DM-xxxx if we want to build our development branch. In theory it is possible to convince rebuild to build a release tag but that’s not common and you need to be aware that two refs are required for that to work.