The DP0.1 → DP0.2 Transition Timeline for Delegates

For DP0 delegates, the transition from DP0.1 to DP0.2 will happen in stages. The following describes what current (DP0.1) and new (DP0.2) delegates should expect over the next six weeks.

Current DP0 Delegates.

This includes everyone who joined in 2021 or early 2022 as part of DP0.1, and who has an account in the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) – meaning they can already log in at and access the DP0.1 data sets. No action is needed in order to “be a DP0.2 delegate” – you already are, and your RSP account will remain accessible.

On Mon Jun 27, the DP0.2 data sets will start to become available in the Rubin Science Platform, and you will be able to discover and query the DP0.2 data via the Notebook and Portal aspects. The DP0.1 data sets will remain available, but DP0.1-era tutorial notebooks will be removed from your home directory (notebooks/tutorial-notebooks/). They will be available in an archived repository in the rubin-dp0 GitHub organization, but will no longer be supported.

New DP0.2-era notebooks will begin to appear in your home directory on Mon Jun 27. Given the significant amount of development needed to adapt the notebooks to the DP0.2 data sets, the full set might not be available immediately on Jun 27. The roll-out of new notebooks might take a week, and the Community Engagement Team thanks you for your patience.

The second half of the DP0 Delegate Assembly on Fri Jul 8 (i.e., starting at 10am Pacific, the midpoint of the two-hour assembly) will be devoted to an introduction to the time-domain DP0.2 data sets for experienced delegates.

New DP0 Delegates

All new DP0 delegates who fill out the authorization webform (sent by email) by Thu Jun 30 will receive an invitation to join the “rubin-dp0” Organization’s “delegates” team during the week of Tue Jul 5. Accept the invitation to be able to log in to the RSP at

The first half of the DP0 Delegate Assembly on Fri Jul 8 (9am Pacific) will be a “Kick-Off Info Session” for new DP0 delegates. This session will be repeated on Mon Jul 11 9pm Pacific, then again Tue Jul 12 at 7am Pacific (i.e., 04:00 and 14:00 UTC on Tue Jul 12, for the international community). A pre-recorded version will also be available. It is mandatory that all new DP0 delegates attend one of these identical sessions or watch the recording.

Summary: Transition Timeline and Upcoming Virtual Events

  • Find Zoom connection info at
  • Descriptions of the various DP0.2 virtual events are provided beneath the timeline.
  • Full event schedules are available in the documentation.


2022-06-10T16:00:00Z – Virtual Event: Stack Club

2022-06-16T04:00:00Z – Virtual Event: Third Thursday Office Hour

2022-06-16T14:00:00Z – Virtual Event: Third Thursday Office Hour

Fri Jul 17 – (assembly cancelled)

2022-06-24T16:00:00Z – Virtual Event: Stack Club


Mon Jun 27 – DP0.2 data, notebooks, and documentation start to become available

Fri Jul 1 – (no event; US long weekend)

Tue Jul 5 – GitHub invites sent to new delegates

2022-07-08T16:00:00Z – Virtual Event: Special DP0.2 Delegate Assembly
9am US Pacific: DP0.2 “Kick-Off Info Session” for new delegates (beginner-level)
10am US Pacific: An introduction to the DP0.2 time-domain data products (intermediate-level)

2022-07-12T04:00:00Z – Virtual Event: DP0.2 Kick-Off Info Session

2022-07-12T14:00:00Z – Virtual Event: DP0.2 Kick-Off Info Session

2022-07-15T16:00:00Z – Virtual Event: Stack Club

2022-07-22T16:00:00Z – Virtual Event: Delegate Assembly

Virtual events continue, with Stack Club and Delegate Assemblies on alternating Fridays.

Descriptions of the various DP0 virtual events.

All of the following information about DP0 virtual events (and full schedules) is available in the DP0.1 documentation at It will also be in the DP0.2 documentation at

DP0.2 Kick-Off Info Sessions – All new delegates in 2022 should plan to attend one of the three identical live virtual kick-off info sessions, or view the recording (link to be circulated). We will cover the different types of DP0 virtual events in this session!

Stack Club – Alternating Fridays at 9am Pacific (2 hour duration). An open session for working with the DP0 data set and/or the Rubin Observatory LSST Science Pipelines (colloquially called “the Stack”). Rubin staff are always present for Q&A and assistance. All are welcome to drop in or stay the full two hours.

Delegate Assemblies – Alternating Fridays at 9am Pacific (2 hour duration). The delegate assemblies are a live virtual seminars for DP0 delegates to learn more about DP0, the RSP, and the DC2 data set. Typically (unless otherwise stated), the first hour contains a hands-on tutorial (volunteer presenters are welcome!) and the second hour is spent in breakout rooms (discussion, co-working). Rubin staff are always present in the main room for general Q&A and assistance. All are welcome for either hour, or both.

Third Thursday Office Hours – The third Thursday of every month at 04:00 and 14:00 UTC (1 hour duration), to serve the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) time zones, respectively (but all are welcome to join!). These office hour sessions are open, drop-in discussions with no set agenda. Rubin staff are always present for general Q&A and assistance.

Where will I find the DP0.2 documentation?

The DP0.2-era documentation will become available on Mon Jun 27 at

The documentation will include descriptions of the data products (images and catalogs), instructions for using the RSP, and a Delegate’s Homepage with information about RSP account security, virtual seminars, DP0-related activities, and support resources.