Data Preview 0.2 is underway!

I am excited to announce that as of today, our teams have started rolling out the data products and capabilities that form Data Preview 0.2 to our cloud-deployed Science Platform at Extensive documentation for DP0.2 is available at:

The DP0.1 to DP0.2 transition timeline for users is described in more detail in this post. Briefly, this release is part of the Data Preview 0 program using precursor data (simulated images from the DESC DC2 data challenge). For the first time, all the derived data products have been generated “in-house” on an early version of our processing infrastructure using version 23 of the LSST Science Pipelines; as a result, the data model is significantly different from the DP0.1 dataset.

If you are an existing delegate through the DP0.1 program here’s what to expect from today and the coming weeks:

What’s New

  • As of today, you have access to the DP0.2 Butler, which contains the DP0.2 processed single visit images, difference images, coadds and catalogs.
  • The catalog data products now include time series and difference image measurements, enabling a wider range of science cases to begin testing on precursor data products.
  • Image search is now available from the RSP Portal Aspect, allowing you to discover and visualize these images.
  • All catalogs in Qserv (accessible through TAP) are now produced by the LSST Science pipelines, and include an IVOA ObsCore table for image discovery. The new catalogs are a much larger offering with a new schema you can browse at: Data Preview 0.2 Schema | sdm_schemas
  • An image cutout service, based on the IVOA SODA standard, is now available through the API and Portal Aspects.
  • Idle session termination for RSP Notebook users has been implemented to avoid problems from running obsolete containers and to conserve resources.
  • Users’ “tutorial-notebooks/” directory has been populated with a few DP0.2 notebooks, with more to come over the next few weeks.

Coming Soon

In the coming weeks you will also have access to:

  • Improvements to the catalog tables, providing magnitudes in addition to fluxes, thereby enabling convenient plotting and constraint-setting on magnitudes in the Portal Aspect search and visualization screens.
  • Additional tables, including truth tables for the simulations and forced-photometry based on (and linked to) the entries in the DiaObject table
  • Early versions of specific time-series retrieval services and other improvements to the convenience of data access.
  • Coverage/footprint information in the RSP Portal from our own HiPS service and data (ugrizy+color) generated from the processed images. (Live as of 20220630)
  • Additional tutorial notebooks and a calendar of events organized by our Community Engagement Team. See the Delegates Homepage within for the full schedule and connection information.
  • … and as always, new features and performance improvements every Patch Thursday

New Delegates

Finally, a new set of delegates will be joining you starting July 5th! This is the time to flex your experience and support the newcomers when you see them asking questions on and other venues.