Trouble installing hscPipe-8.4

My hscPipe install from source is going along well, until:

[ 20/94 ] pycodestyle 2.3.1-6-g0d131b0 … Warning: trouble retrieving pycodestyle-2.3.1-6-g0d131b0.eupspkg: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer
(Trying alternate location)
eups distrib: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer
make: *** [Makefile:4: install] Error 9

Is this a transient or permanent error?


I assume transient. I can’t imagine anyone has deleted that file from the eups server (although for all I know hscPipe binaries come from some completely different location). That hscPipe release must be ancient because it’s a long time since we included third party packages in a Rubin pipelines release.

I see pycodestyle-2.3.1-2-ga0411dd.eupspkg but not pycodestyle-2.3.1-6-g0d131b0 on, if that is the EUPS_PKGROOT you are trying to use. The latter should be identical with pycodestyle-2.5.0.eupspkg, which is present.

hscPipe 8.4 is from Oct. 20, 2020.

The build script is called “pipebuilder8” and contains a config file with:
“eups_pkgroot_base_url”: “

And indeed, it looks like it’s setting
Going to set EUPS_PKGROOT=/dev/shm/hscpipe_build_dir/eupsrepo|
just before running eups distrib install.

The package does appear to be at that PKGROOT. So I guess it was a transient failure, or at least something you need to take up with Princeton IT.

Okay, thank you.
It looks like maybe I can stash it in that local directory /dev/shm/hscpipe_build_dir/eupsrepo also, so at least I can try downloading it with wget or something outside this build process (which I’ve tried many times and keeps failing). Maybe it’s rate-limiting or something.


But it’s based on a much older Rubin science pipelines release (so from my point of view it’s ancient).

For anyone else encountering this problem: If you set the EUPS_PKGROOT variable to point to the “https” version of the tigress-web site, rather than “http”, it works! ie, edit the file default_variables.json, changing http to https,

    "eups_pkgroot_base_url": "",
    "hscpipe_ver": "8.4"

(I also filed a ticket with Princeton’s cses group)

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This has been a recurring problem with installing hscPipe. Please let me know what response you get from CSES, or if you need any help from this end.

Pretty disappointing response from CSES, honestly:

… we’re glad you were able to access the software after including ‘https’ in the address.
From what I understand we can close this ticket? Let us know if you still have any remaining questions.

Ticket is CSES #35698 if you want to comment.

Would you forward me their reply, please?

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For what it’s worth, even though the hscPipe web pages don’t link to it directly, if I replace version 8.4 by 8.5.3 everywhere it appears, the install completes successfully!