Trouble with installing meas_extensions_shapeHSM


I am now trying to install the LSST DM stack.
I did some debugging when installing tmv and galsim, but then I obtained a huge error when installing meas_extensions_shapeHSM after executing scons opt=3 in the package.

I noticed that the error comes from, but this python code is obtained from the original source, git clone So it is quite strange that there are errors to start with.

This document shows the resulting error, but it is very confusing to understand.
pytest-meas_extensions_shapeHSM.xml.failed.txt (11.1 KB)

I am willing to provide more information, since I am unable to solve this only by myself.
Any help will be appreciated.

What version are you installing? There was a fix for shapeHSM builds in the recent 15.0 release.

Thank you for the reply again!

I have looked through the package, but none of the documents provde any information on the version of it.
The best I can do is to execute eups list

$ eups list meas_extensions_shapeHSM
15.0 current v15_0
LOCAL:/home/my_packages/meas_extensions_shapeHSM setup

I believe the version is 15.0 then. I hope there exists a fix to this version.
Do you mind providing me more information on the most recent fix?

Thank you.

For some reason I can’t read the attachment with the error details. It’s a 0kB file when I try to look at it.

I have edited it again. I think it can be downloaded now.
just in case, I uploaded it to here as well.
pytest-meas_extensions_shapeHSM.xml.failed.txt (11.1 KB)

Thank you. I think you are using master shapeHSM and trying to use it with 15.0 but 15.0 is not compatible with current master because APIs in afw changed in the past few weeks. If you want to be using master you need to be building against a recent weekly rather than 15.0.

Thanks for the reply.
I guess there are two choices for me now then.
If I install lsst 14.0 instead, will that be compatible with master shapeHSM?
Otherwise, is there a version of shapeHSM that is compatible with lsst 15.0?

14.0 is older than 15.0 and is even worse from a compatibility point of view. EUPS tag w_2018_14 is probably okay (rather than v15_0).

If it’s not clear from Tim’s response, you should be able to do eups distrib install lsst_distrib -t w_2018_14 and get a version that you can build against. This is assuming that you installed using

The instructions referenced are quite old and hence misleading when it comes to installing meas_extensions_shapeHSM.

Since the version 12 release, this package is included in the lsst_distrib installation. If you’ve installed version 15, there’s no need to follow any extra instructions to add this package: it should be there already. If you follow the instructions to try to bolt external versions of tmv and GalSim onto your installed v15 stack, then try and build shapeHSM on top of that, it doesn’t altogether surprise me that it fails: just use the provided version instead.

The same goes for obs_cfht, by the way.

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Thanks a lot !
I just noticed that shapeHSM was also installed in v15 stack.
I will try to use the provided version now and see if there is any problem with it.