UK IDAC unavailable during 22nd--26th April 2024

The UK IDAC will mostly be unavailable during the week of 22nd–26th April, to allow improvements to power and cooling in the host data centre. During the outage, the UK Rubin Science Platform, TAP/ Qserv instances, Butler register and repositories for DP0.2 and VISTA/HPC will be unavailableas well as Lasair.

Things should be back to normal by end of Friday 26th April, though I’ll post a further update if plans change.

Unfortunately, the UK IDAC remains part unavailable, following the maintenance in week beginning 22nd April. Specifically. Nublado is not available due to a technical issue. We hope to have this resolved in the coming days and will confirm when everything is back in order.

The UK IDAC is back online and should be fully functional. If users see any issues, please report in this thread. Thanks for your patience.