User package stopped working after last week patch (Dense Basis)


I am Aayush Joshi, a member of Louise Edwards’ team. We have successfully been using Dense Basis, a python package we installed in mid August. The package still imports, but suddenly after 21st September at roughly around 3 pm, the program no longer can access fields, attributes or modules. For your reference, error messages we encountered can be found attached below.

If someone know a fix to this, please let us know


Last Thursday is when we changed the recommended software version for notebooks when you log in. Last week we went to w_2023_37. You are still able to use the older version of the software when you log in rather than selecting the default. It is likely that you will need to reinstall your package to get a newer version, or else it may be incompatible with the current Rubin software environment.

Are you using the version of dense-basis from May?

For discussion on recommended: RSP Explainer: What is the "Recommended" image?

I hope this is not an after-effect of what @lovedwards-astro and I did last Friday to get “bagpipes” installed in her RSP account on this past Friday (September 22). We had to adjust some environment variables, to follow the instructions in @leanne 's post ( link )due to some previous user installations in @lovedwards-astro 's account.

If you are available for the 2nd half of tomorrow’s DP0 Delegate Assembly ( link ), I can help try to debug the issue there.

@DouglasLTucker I don’t think it is related, because we were working on Friday, and Aayush noticed his problem on Thursday afternoon beforehand. However, my dense_basis is not fully functioning (although, unlike Aayush some modules do work). I can’t make this Friday, but I will try to come in soon to an assembly.

@timj Aayush installed in August, so if there was a big update in May, that would be the version we are using.

get_path does seem to exist:

Does pydoc dense_basis.get_path work from your terminal session?

Maybe uninstall it from your ~/.local and try to install it again?

Thanks, @lovedwards-astro! I was concerned that I had led you astray!
(Of course, at some point,we should try to get your dense_basis fully working –
if not at a future DP0 Delegate Assembly or Stack Club meet-up, then at an ad hoc
meeting when you are available.)

@aayushjoshi16 or @lovedwards-astro, were your issues resolved by @timj’s suggestion of reinstalling the packages? If so then we could mark the reply as the solution for this topic.

Yes! We successfully reinstalled the package within our directory, and I have been testing it for the past few days, and it’s functioning normally

Thanks @timj for all the help

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