DP0.2 Feedback Survey: Action Items

The Feedback Survey for the Data Preview 0.2 resources and activities was available to all delegates during October-November 2022. The Rubin Community Engagement Team (CET) reviewed all responses (26 delegates) and determined action items to address any issues or requests. A summary of the feedback and their corresponding action items or already available resources is listed below.

1. Responses indicated interest in having more dedicated spaces to facilitate collaboration for DP0 and finding open projects, for example, through the Community Forum.

Action items: The CET will implement upgrades to the Community Forum, including refining the categories and tags available to facilitate discussion. Future CET activities such as virtual summer schools will also include opportunities for networking.

Resources: Delegates are welcome to contribute tutorials or science demonstrations. Contributions from current and past delegates can be found through a shared Github repository.

2. Responses indicate that there can be a steep learning curve for DP0, especially for those who are new to programming or research, and that additional beginner level learning resources (e.g., python, ADQL) would be helpful. Other responses highlighted the importance of pairing experienced mentors with newer members.

Action items: The CET is planning to hold student-only virtual events (e.g., during Stack Club) for graduate and undergraduate students.

Resources: The DP0.2 documentation now includes ADQL recipes. Open sharing of external learning resources for beginners is encouraged. Possible places to start discussions are the Community Forum posts on python, SQL/ADQL, git and GitHub which arose from the DP0.1 feedback survey action items.

3. Delegates provided suggestions for additional tutorials or improvements.

Action items: Over the next year, the CET aims to create tutorials on the API aspect of the Rubin Science Platform (RSP), as well as improve current Butler tutorials to better demonstrate data structures and available functions. Additionally, the CET will aim to record short videos working through all of the tutorials, including those not covered during the delegate assemblies.

The CET would like to thank all the delegates for their feedback and suggestions. Please contact Melissa Graham if you have any further comments or specific issues not resolved by the actions above.

Reminder of DP0 resources:

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