Problem installing lsst_sims V11: eups distrib corruption?

I’m trying to install lsst_sims, but on both my laptop and at NERSC, I get the following error after starting a clean new installation:

bash-3.2$ eups distrib install -t v11_0 lsst_sims
eups distrib: Trouble reading manifest for lsst_sims master-gac1855abae+157 (generic): First line of manifest file /var/folders/yb/_v4d6l796b1_1jcgmt_38p94001w7w/T/eups/distrib/lsst_sims_EgZfgm is corrupted:

eups distrib install -t v11_0 lsst_apps works fine.

I think the Simulations group uses their own Eups tags, and not the DM v11_0 etc tags. Try:

eups distrib install -t sims lsst_sim

I also recently wrote a post on installing the Sims stack and getting the MAF code up and running: Up and running with sims_maf_contrib

Let us know if you still have difficulties.

Thanks! the “sims” tag of lsst_sim does indeed install (so far, it takes a while!). Hopefully it is compatible with V11 of the full stack - I’ll find out shortly!

to update: this all looks fine. Thanks for the help!

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