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Pybind11 wrapping of code using Eigen has changed (1)
Change to developer guide for docstring line length (1)
Bug in RingsSkyMap (2)
New documentation on DM's licensing and copyright practices (4)
PropertySet.get deprecated in Python (3)
DM Monthly Status Report for May 2018 (1)
Python Code Coverage now enabled in sconsUtils (6)
New geom package replaces much of lsst.afw.geom (1)
The DM stack is no longer using the geom package (1)
Get the LSST science pipelines delivered to your computer (1)
The new LSST Science Platform Notebook Aspect (JupyterLab) user documentation (1)
S18 Reprocessing of HSC PDR1 (5)
DM Monthly Status Report for April 2018 (1) default changed (1)
EUPS distrib daily tags (d_YYYY_MM_DD) will now be retired after 30 days (6)
SpherePoint now uses sphgeom vectors (1)
Python 2 no longer supported (5)
The recommended Git LFS version for DM is now >=2.3.4 (8)
DM Tech Talk: Cell-Based Coadds (2)
DM Monthly Status Report for March 2018 (1)
New DM stack package template and templatekit CLI (3)
DM SPIE Paper: Invitation for authors (1)
HSC defaults now require sky correction (2)
LSST stack release version 15.0 now available (5)
Stack release 15.0 - Status and discussion (2)
The lsst.afw.geom.XYTransform classes are gone (1)
lsst::utils::Cache (3)
Branch protection on DM GitHub repositories (12)
DM Monthly Status Report for February 2018 (1)
DM Monthly Status Report for January 2018 (1)