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DM Monthly Status Report for September 2018 (1)
Changes to metadata extraction and VisitInfo creation (1)
Jenkins maintenance Sunday 2018-10-21 @ ~1900-2000 (3)
Change in naming of base_Blendedness and meas_deblender fields (1)
Pex_policy support removed from obs_base and afw.image.Filter (1)
“Shared stack” updates (1)
AP Pipeline now in the Stack (1)
Security reboots, 2018-10-04 06:00 Project Time (1)
New approach and tools for pybind11 wrappers (1) can now run stand-alone ISR processing from the command line (4)
Open position for LSST data processing at CC-IN2P3 (1)
Introducing (2)
🥀 rip skip_demo (1)
Task metadata now written as YAML (1)
Proper motion support added to reference catalogs (1)
Manually create technotes, for now (1)
Jenkins update Monday 2018-09-10 @ ~1330 (2)
EUPS binary "tarballs" for OSX are back; conda env update; osx-10.11 builds dropped (5)
Removal of merged branches (3)
Change in calibration flag names as per RFC-498 (1)
DM Monthly Status Report for July 2018 (1)
Changes to MultibandDriver (2)
"inverted" is now the standard method name to get an inverse transform (1)
Sigma renamed to Err for centroids, fluxes and aperture corrections (2)
API Change for Tasks. Renamed -> runDataRef (1)
New documentation and tools for contributing to (1)
We are now using pybind11 2.2 (2)
Constructing a WCS from camera geometry (1)
API Change for Tasks. Rename run/<primaryMethod> to runDataRef/run (8)
DM Monthly Status Report for June 2018 (1)