Data Management

DM Meetings Minutes for DM Meetings DM IN2P3 A category to discuss Data Management activity at IN2P3. DM RFD Category for DM Requests for Discussion (RFD). DM Notifications Informal announcements related to DM and the Stack.
About the Data Management category [Data Management] (1)
On the possibility of updating Minuit2 to be based on ROOT 6 sources [Data Management] (6)
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lsst-dev01:/ssd/lsstsw/stack deprecated [DM Notifications] (2)
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PhotoCalib has replaced Calib: welcoming our nanojansky overlords [Data Management] (3)
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Lsst-dev “shared stack” updated [DM Notifications] (5)
New configurations for AstrometryTask source and reference selectors [Data Management] (1)
Jenkins maintenance Thursday 2019-04-11 @ ~1700 project time [DM Notifications] (2)
Jenkins `stack-os-matrix` job may now run on OSX 10.13/High Sierra OR 10.14/Mojave [DM Notifications] (1)
Test/Validation data now available on the shared filesystem [Data Management] (3)
AP Pipeline ( command-line interface change [DM Notifications] (1)
Python and Conda environment update [DM Notifications] (11)
Jenkins maintenance Wednesday 2019-03-27 @ ~2000-2100 project time [DM Notifications] (2)
Jenkins `stack-os-matrix` job may now run on OSX 10.14/Mojave [DM Notifications] (5)
Update of PyYAML [DM Notifications] (3)
DM Monthly Status Report for February 2019 [Data Management] (1)